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China-Lutong Parts Plant

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China  Putian, China
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China-Lutong Parts Plant

Control Valve F00RJ00339 For Cummins Injector 0 445 120 007

China-Lutong Parts Plant China Putian, China
Brand:  china-lutong
Part No:   F00RJ00339
Payment Term:  T/T,Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal
Product Certification:  ISO9001:2015
Minimum Order Quantity:  6
FOB Price: Ask For Price

China-Lutong is now one of the specialist Fuel Injection System suppliers and manufacturers.


Our aim and business policy is to give the customer a reliable quality product and service, alternative to the OE products. The parts are quality assured to ISO9001: 2008 and are subject to regular internal and external audits ensuring that quality is the highest standard.


We are stockiest and also represent Chinese leading manufacturers including of:


Fuel injection pumps parts

Diesel Injectors, Diesel nozzles

VE Pumps, VE Diesel injection pump

Head Rotor

Diesel Plunger, Diesel Element

Delivery Valve

Clutch disks, common rail control valve

Feed Pump

Repair kits

Solenoid Valve, Maget Valve

Since 1982 our staff has provided diesel engine parts, especially diesel fuel injection components with fast and efficient supply of quality spare parts. Our years of experience have helped us to develop an extensive product stock. The growth was assisted by the company's commitment to provide the highest levels of customer service, and product reliability.

In time, our commitment to excellence remained the same, but this new development allowed the company to pursue other business opportunities and further expansion. Our friendly and dedicated staff are trained and experienced in servicing the diesel fuel injection industry and are always eager to assist.


CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ00005F00RJ00005

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ00339F00RJ00339

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ00375F00RJ00375

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ00399F00RJ00399

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ00420F00RJ00420

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ00995F00RJ00995

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01159F00RJ01159

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01213F00RJ01213

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01218F00RJ01218

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01278F00RJ01278

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01329F00RJ01329

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01334F00RJ01334

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01428F00RJ01428

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01451F00RJ01451

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01472F00RJ01472

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01479F00RJ01479

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01522F00RJ01522

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01657F00RJ01657

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01692F00RJ01692

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01704F00RJ01704

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01714F00RJ01714

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01727F00RJ01727

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01747F00RJ01747

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01819F00RJ01819

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01895F00RJ01895

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ01941F00RJ01941

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ02004F00RJ02004

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ02005F00RJ02005

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ02035F00RJ02035

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ02056F00RJ02056

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ02103F00RJ02103

CR ValveCR pump partF00RJ02130F00RJ02130

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