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Engine System

An engine is a device that is designed to convert one form of energy into other usually heat into mechanical. The most common type is the internal combustion engine that is used worldwide as the driving component of most automobiles and also in power generation. Engines can further be divided into categories according to:

Number of stroke:            Two stroke engine, Four stroke engine

Design of engine:             Reciprocating engine (piston engine), Rotary engine (Wankel engine)

Fuel used:                        Diesel engine, Petrol engine, Gas engine, Electric engine

Method of ignition:            Compression ignition engine, Spark ignition engine,

Number of cylinder:          Single cylinder engine, Multi-cylinder engine

Arrangement of cylinder:  In-line engine, V-type engine, Opposed cylinder engine,
                                        W-type engine, Opposite piston engine, Radial engine

Air intake process:           Naturally aspirated, Supercharged engine, Turbocharged engine





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350mm Deep dish suede Rally/racing Steering Wheel
Quick Details Material: Suede/Leather/PVC Diameter: 350mm Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mai...
Part No: MP-SW018
Ningbo, China
Turbochargers turbo
Quick Details Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Brand Name: AOZE Model Number: holset ...
Part No: holset
Wuxi, China
HT12 Turbo journal bearing china
Quick Details Usage: Toyota engine Size: Match Models Car Make: Match Models OE NO.: Mat...
OEM No: Match Models
Part No: HT12
Part For: Caterpillar
Wuxi, China
Turbocharger journal bearing CT9(turbo kit)
Quick Details Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Brand Name: AOZE Model Number: CT9 Matierial: Copper Packag...
Part No: CT9
Part For: Caterpillar
Wuxi, China
Komatsu Piston Ring S6d125 Engine Spare Parts 6150-31-2033,6150-31-2030
Product Name:Komatsu Piston Ring S6d125 Engine Spare Parts 6150-31-2033,6150-31-2030Product Attribute:Material:Alloy S...
Part No: 6150-31-2033,6150-31-2030,SDK04-022ZZ ,18940
Part For: Komatsu
Guangzhou, China
Cat Construction Machinery Piston Ring 2W1709,9S3068,2W6091
Product Name:Cat Construction Machinery Piston Ring 2W1709,9S3068,2W6091Product Attribute:Material:Alloy SteelCylinder...
Part No: 2W1709,9S3068,2W6091,12757N0
Part For: Caterpillar
Guangzhou, China
Isuzu 4jb1 Engine Parts Piston Ring 8-94247-867-1,80 00368 4 0 000,9-8030-00
Product Name:Isuzu 4jb1 Engine Parts Piston Ring 8-94247-867-1,80 00368 4 0 000,9-8030-00Product Attribute:Material:Al...
Part No: 8-94247-867-1,80 00368 4 0 000,9-8030-00
Part For: Isuzu
Guangzhou, China
Used Volvo FH12 Trucks Piston Ring 03803N0,0812320000,06-123200-00,9-5142-00
Product Name:Used Volvo FH12 Trucks Piston Ring 03803N0,0812320000,06-123200-00,9-5142-00Product Attribute:Material:Al...
Part No: 03803N0,0812320000,06-123200-00,9-5142-00
Part For: Volvo, Caterpillar
Guangzhou, China
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